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Originally,I started writing this blog as a scientific endeavor to explain what Reiki is, why does it work, how was it developed. Instead I decided to tell you how it feels to receive Reiki. It’s the feeling you get from the hug of a friend - that sincere, honest to goodness, deep in your heart "happy you’re in my life" feeling. It’s that all over your body warmth when the sun touches your skin and you close your eyes while you soak it all in. It’s the serenity you feel after you’ve prayed. It’s accepting the peace that comes from letting go (giving up not being in control). It’s feeling weightless yet supported. It’s the unconditional love of a four-legged family member. It’s the joy your child gives you when they’re happy to see you. It’s all about receiving without having to give anything in return. A session of Reiki is all about being filled up, replenished, restored and balanced. That’s it, that’s Reiki.

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