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Global Wellness

June, the gateway to summer is synonymous with beautiful flowers, delicious fruits and vegetables, lots of weddings and GLOBAL WELLNESS DAY.

Our mission is to encourage self-care. All too often women (mostly) care for their families and friends before they take care of themselves. Yet, they know when they fly in an airplane, that they are to place the oxygen mask on themselves before someone else. Somehow, that action doesn't carry over to themselves once they're off the airplane.

So in June, as the entire Earth is placing an emphasis on self-care ask yourself "What have I done for myself lately?" "One day can change your whole life." We all would like to be our healthiest, look our best and live well both physically and spiritually.

How can YOU live a healthier and better life?

1. Recognize the values in your life.

2. Approach each day with an attitude of gratitude.

3. Make peace with yourself and others.

4. Free yourself of undue stress.

5. Take your self-care goals seriously and take action to reach them.

Alchemy Massage & Bodywork SA offers a variety of therapeutic services to help you reach your goals.

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