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Auld Lang Syne

As 2022 draws to an end, I want to say Thank You to all of You, my fabulous clients -

your patronage, your support and your referrals.

Thank you for encouraging me to be the best therapist I can be. Because of you, I continue to strive to enhance my skills, techniques and knowledge whenever possible.

My efforts this year included participation as a Teacher's Assistant at the Upledger Institute's Craniosacral Therapy Workshop and because of your numerous requests, I created a foot reflexology course, so you could work on yourself and your loved ones. We learned helpful, healing techniques in a fun space at a relaxed pace with lots of practice time.

Also, we added a few new modalities:

Craniosacral for Chronic Depletion Therapy, to help you

better cope with and minimize the stresses and

fatigue associated with chronic depletion. Chronic

depletion occurs when the body's natural coping mechanisms are overwhelmed. This technique allows me

to understand, assess, and design a plan of care to

work with long-term patterns rather than isolated


Thai Foot Massage, a wonderful therapy combining

massage and generalized foot reflexology. The goal

to stimulate the internal organs and harmonize the flow

of energy throughout the body.Stimulation of the

internal organs and the energy lines is intended to

facilitate the body's normal functions and by doing so,

the belief is the body will remain healthy.

Hearing your needs entices me to learn and grow even more. Having the opportunity to hone my skills allows me to provide you with the highest quality therapy I can. Making you feel better makes me better! It's a Win-Win!

Happy Holidays and have a blessed and wonderful New Year, You Deserve It!

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