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To The Road of Recovery - From the Inside Out

The IonCleanse Detox foot bath by A Major Difference (AMD) offers a superior detox of the body from heavy metals, clearing lymph, decongesting the gall bladder and more. Its patented array delivers biocompatible frequencies to a full body detox by attracting and neutralizing oppositely charged toxins. The system is efficient, painless, relaxing and effective.

Another outstanding benefit of AMD’s IonCleanse foot bath is the continuing elimination of toxic elements after the foot bath has ended. In a study, there was sufficient data to demonstrate that by using the IonCleanse system, participants had statistically significantly higher levels of excretion of toxic elements such as heavy metals including Aluminum, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Arsenic and more) in the urine.

In addition, data demonstrated clients using the IonCleanse had statistically significant reductions of toxic elements in their blood compared to those not using the IonCleanse by AMD. Aluminum was reduced by 46% and Cadmium was reduced by 24%

But how did I get heavy metals in me? These metals and others exist in the water you drink, the clothing you wear (cotton planted in fields where the soil is laced with heavy metals), toys (think imported and cheaply made), cosmetics, cookware, dental fillings, seafood, aluminum cans and even in the air we breathe. Over time, these heavy metals accumulate in the body, usually in an organ such as the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidney and so on. And, over time, they begin to cause problems in that area. Heavy metals are stored in the body but a small amount of them are released on a continual basis through the skin and via the liver, kidneys and intestines. For this reason it’s important to eliminate as much of the storing of these heavy metals from the body.

And if that doesn’t blow your socks off, this might. IonCleanse by AMD usage resulted in lower glyphosate (yep, that herbal pesticide that’s sprayed on the vegetables and foods we eat and the grass and foods of the animals we eat), levels in study participants as compared to the control group. Therefore, this method of detox appears to be a successful therapy in the excretion of glyphosate in humans.

Let Alchemy Massage & Bodywork, SA put you on the road to recovery.We’re dedicated to your health and wellbeing by offering you this health inducing therapy.A healthier “in”side” of you awaits you.

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