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How Are Your Chakras Doing?

What are your Chakras? Where are they?

They are your body’s unseen primary energy centers. Each corresponds to certain body parts, physical processes, emotional condition and spiritual traits. Do you feel positive, energetic and at ease with your surroundings and are better able to cope with life’s inevitable ups and downs, most likely your Chakras are in balance?

Do you find it more difficult to connect with people and your surroundings? Do you have physical or emotional ailments? It is very likely your Chakras may be out of balance.

Connecting with and keeping your chakras balanced is important and key to living a healthy, authentic, joy filled life.

Sessions last between 45 - 60 minutes and you remain fully clothed.

Chakra Balancing makes its debut in August and it's your turn to save.

Introductory Offer: $45 during August or any pre-paid sessions during that month.

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