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Chronic Depletion*

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

When working with Chronic Depletion, the craniosacral practitioner focuses on many types of stressors such as social/relationship, lifestyle, physical/health, spiritual, environmental, and psychological, etc.

When you have been running on the ragged edge with no letup in sight, this can lead to depleting your body’s ability to restore. Even with a good night’s rest, you wake up exhausted and decide that running on auto pilot is ok - Well, it is NOT! Many times medications will not remedy the physical issues. Often clients state, "I just don't feel like myself." or "I've lost my bearings." or "I just don't want to be around anybody."

If that is you, then..........

Remember self-care is a necessity, not a luxury. So if you keep doing the same things every day and you feel miserable every day, it's time to change course. Because so much is expected of us, we often feel we don't have the right to honor ourselves and seek health. The most effective way to take care of yourself is to listen to your body's cry for help and take action to receive that help.

Craniosacral for Chronic Depletion may help by addressing the complexity rather than the causes of chronic depletion. If you have received craniosacral therapy in the past, you will notice the chronic depletion techniques use different hand placements and beginning and ending points. These placements seek to integrate and blend for a more global effect while allowing your body’s craniosacral rhythm to become more efficient and productive.

*Mention this blog and benefit from a $10 savings of this $95 session.

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