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The Martha's 360 Massage

What is Martha’s 360? It’s the combining of side-lying (yep, massage while you lay on your side), prone (face down) and supine (face up).  All these massage positions have been around for decades, but thanks to the inventiveness of my client Martha, she suggested combining all 3 types into one massage.  What is side-lying?  As the wording suggest side-lying massage is a technique where the client lies on their side with bolsters and pillows added for support while the therapist proceeds to massage muscle groups located on the side of the body and there are a lot!  This position can provide optimal comfort for the client since sometimes you just can’t or don’t want to start your massage on your stomach.  After one side is complete you easily turn onto your stomach and the massage proceeds to address the muscle groups on the back of the body.  Once this part of Martha’s 360 is done you simply turn onto your other side to continue the massage, finally you turn over onto your back for the topside of the body to be massaged as usual.  Martha reported it was easier for her to adjust to turning over onto her stomach from a side lying position and likewise it was easier turning onto her back from a side-lying position. She also stated starting on her side allowed her to relax faster. 


The benefits of side-lying massage are numerous:

1)    Enhanced comfort – this position reduces strain on joints and pressure points, providing a

more comfortable experience for the client, especially those with physical limitations to

lying on their stomach for a long period of time.

2)    Targeted muscle release – side-lying allows the therapist to access specific muscles

(iliotibial tract, aka IT band, portions of the gluteal, lower lateral leg, psoas and more) in

a more efficient way and can often be more comfortable for the client.

3)    Reduced lower back and cervical pressure– when you conduct all or part of a massage

in a side-lying position you reduce the amount of time the client lays on their stomach

and their back which can reduce pressure on the lumbar area.

4)    Reduced sinus pressure – because you’re lying on your stomach for less time those who

experience sinus congestion after lying face down typically won’t.


This massage style is designed for everyone but can be most beneficial for those needing the above issues addressed in a solid, efficient, and most comfortable way possible.  Add Martha’s 360 to your massage therapy routine, 90 to 100 minutes for only a $150 investment in yourself.

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