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5 Reasons Why You Need A Massage Session.

Why does your massage therapist keep encouraging you to come back next month - if not sooner? There are several good reasons they encourage you to get regular massages.

1. Build Awareness Of Your Body.

The pace of today's world demands we go, go, go and our bodies are the vehicles for this "Going". We often know where our pain is, but we don't often know why.

Are you really paying attention to what you are asking your body to do?

2. Address Long-Term Physical Goals.

Once you begin to understand your body, regular massage sessions can also help you tackle the long-term, physical issues. Chronic pain, improved range-of-motion and better quality sleep are goals you may relate to.

3. Manage Your Mental Health - Including Stress.

While your massage therapist is not a mental health professional, a full body massage can be a complement to traditional treatment. The Touch Research Institute at Miami University reports massage therapy lowered cortisol levels up to 53 percent.

4. Maintain Your Overall Wellness.

Receiving massage regularly is important to maintain each of those successes once they are achieved on the table.

If you have worked out your knots, improved your posture and feel great about life, consider continuing to receive a regular full body massage to keep all of your body systems "going, going, going."

5. Cultivate A Working Relationship With Your Massage Therapist.

Without a working relationship with the same massage therapist, many of the benefits of massage discussed here do not exist.

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