In Preparation for YOUR Session

To provide you with an optimal relaxing session, it is important for YOU to prepare yourself. 


If it is your first visit, please be sure to complete and bring the “Intake Form” with you.  The Intake Form can be found by pressing the fuschia colored button on top of the “Book Online” page.  Alternatively, you can complete the form at the Office. 


Arrive 15 – 20 minutes prior to your appointment start time (Arrive 30 minutes prior if you choose to complete the Intake Form at the Office).  Allow time for review and discussion of the information you will provide.  This will also give you sufficient time for your personal needs (bathroom, undressing for the session, etc.) and for you to be on the table (or chair) by designated appointment time.


This appointment time has been designated just for YOU.  If you arrive late, then you will lose the benefit of the entire length of the session.  Depending upon the start time of the following client, a few minutes could possibly be available to extend your session; however, there is no guarantee. 


If you are running late, please call/text immediately so the best option can be worked out for you.

(520) 370-6461

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