I Agree to Open Myself to Love.

Jacques Martel wrote in his book, "The Complete Dictionary of Ailments and Diseases" the following:

HEART (in general)

The heart is connected to the 4th chakra or energy center: this chakra is YIN-YANG, male as well as female, and mental as well as emotional.  It symbolizes the home and represents LOVE (my emotions and my capacity to LOVE), joy, vitality, and security. Symbolically, the right side of the heart represents the father and the left side, the mother.   Energy from the heart radiates throughout our body, especially between the neck and the solar plexus.  The heart is a sort of energy pump that circulates life (blood) throughout the body.  The body circulation distributes the vital energy essential for me to show my Love by guiding my heart's energy toward the best spiritual energy available for me.

If I am in a situation where I have the impression that my heart has been torn out, that my whole being is engaged, that I am not being nourished by Love from those around me, that I am taking life too seriously, my heart is going to react to this.  A heart ailment reminds me of a fundamental aspect of love, which is that either I don't love myself or I didn't receive Love from others, from life or from God. This leads me to ask myself if I feel guilty and if this makes me feel unable to live up to and be worthy of, being loved. The more I focus on Love, compassion and forgiveness, the more my heart will work toward joy, peace and jubilation.

 My heart will be emotionally balanced and protected from disappointments.  A heart with a gently harmonious beat indicates a person's inner peace.  My heart beat varies when I am unbalanced, upset in Love or sensitive to my feelings.

AFFIRMATION:   I agree to open myself to Love. I return all feelings of blame to the care of the Universe. I stop making myself sick by criticizing myself: above all, I accept to forgive myself.  By forcing myself I can fully accept love from others. 


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