Feel Good, Look Even BETTER!

Are you going to the gym or engaging in an exercise routine on a regular basis?  Perhaps you even have a personal trainer or exercise coach.  Personal training and massage go hand in hand because they are both health care modalities; both prevent your need from having to go to a doctor. 

If every man, woman and child in the U.S. or in the world would look to nutrition and exercise as the primary means to taking care of themselves and their health, 90 percent of all drug prescription use would lessen or completely disappear in a year or less.  Not only would the use of prescription drugs as the "go to" lessen or completely stop, but I would hazard a guess that the use of alcohol, illegal drugs and even recreational drug use as a way to cope and "feel better" would diminish greatly. 

Overall, people just want to feel good.  The problem is, we're looking for that "feel good" in all the wrong places.  Evidenced based medical research is proving the safety and efficacy of exercise prescriptions is a far superior modality over typical drug prescriptions. Most societies on our planet are now seeing pandemics in obesity, metabolic syndrome and/or Type 2 diabetes.  These diseases, disorders and others are becoming prevalent in nearly every nation. 

One of the reason people have heart disease, cancer and other diseases is rooted in a lack of nutritional optimization and adequate exercise.  There is no easy fix but the fix is easy.  Balance your daily life with nutrition, exercise and activities that put joy in your life.  We are the most informed society on the planet, yet with all the information, options and resources available to us we are also the most unfit, unhealthy and consistent self-care lacking society on the planet; and that's a choice not an inevitability. 

There are a multitude of free exercise activities, nutritional programs, low cost/no cost memberships in health clubs, meet-ups no to mention Y-tube videos on how to gain and maintain your health.  Not sure who/what is authentic and reliable, ask someone who's on the right track - a friend, co-worker who has demonstrated health through lifestyle choices.  Check out the Meet Up groups in your community geared toward health, fitness and fun activities that promote a balanced life style. Contact your local chamber of commerce for

no-cost/low cost programs available to you in your city. The point is, if you take action you will find the answers, the help and be able to meet and exceed your goal to feel good, look good and have fun doing it.

NOW is a good time.

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