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Dear Clients: 

With the extreme sanitary preparations required before and after each client, it is in our best interest to serve those clients who can schedule a minimum of 90 minutes or more.  After such a long absence from your self-care routine, allocate some "ME" time.

Due to the cloth face covering/face mask requirement, only the following services are offered at this time:

     Massage (60/90/120 minutes) pairs well with Reflexology, IonCleanse, Reiki, Body Cupping.

     Cupping for Scars (45 - 60 minutes) stand alone or pairs well with most other services.

                       (Body cupping ONLY at this time.)

     Reflexology  (60 minutes) pairs well with Massage.

     IonCleanse   (30 minutes) pairs well with Massage or Reflexology

     Craniosacral (60 -70 minutes - no mouth work) pairs well with Reiki, Reflexology or IonCleanse.

     Reiki (60 minutes) pairs well with Massage, Reflexology, IonCleanse, Craniosacral therapy.

     Body Cupping (45 minutes) pairs well with Massage, Reflexology or IonCleanse.

     Phoebe - Body ONLY as a stand alone service.  (Face and neck sessions are temporarily suspended.)

Please make your appointment directly with me via telephone or text.  Online bookings are temporarily suspended.

New OFFICE HOURS:  Wednesdays    11 am - 6 pm

                                  Thursdays        10 am - 5 pm

                                  Fridays            10 am - 4 pm

                                  Saturdays        10 am - 4 pm


               Even with the most rigorous sanitation protocols, enhanced client screening and social distancing precautions, there is still risk of COVID-19 transmission involved.  For this reason, we ask that you choose whether or not it is advisable for you to resume therapy, no matter what type of service you select.

You are encouraged to evaluate your risk factors as they may change from time to time and from appointment to appointment. 


               Clients will not be seen if experiencing any of the following:

                     * a persistent cough

                     * shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

                     * chills

                     * repeated shaking with chills

                     * muscle pain (not due to normal activity)

                     * headache (mild or severe)

                     * sore throat

                     * loss of taste and/or smell

                     * diarrhea

                     * unexplained rash, toe inflammation, redness or toe swelling.

                     * feeling feverish or have a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100° F

                     * known contact with or close contact with a person who is lab confirmed to have COVID-19

                     * currently within a self-isolation period

               Clients will be seen as long as they adhere to the following protocols:

                      A)  Please do not bring others with you to your appointment.  They will not be permitted

                            into the building.  This is to lessen the risk of exposure for you, me and the others that

                            follow you.

                      B)  Please bring your OWN cloth face covering/face mask with you.  We will not be able to

                             provide everyone with cloth face covering/face mask at this time.

                Upon Arrival

                       1)  Stay in your car and text/call (520-370-6461) me that you are ready to come in. 

                            Please stay in the car until I advise you that I am opening the door for you. 

                            You MUST wear a cloth face covering before entering the building as well as

                            throughout the session.  DO NOT TOUCH the  doorknob to enter. 

                            THE DOOR WILL BE OPENED FOR YOU.

                       2)  Upon entering the building, your temperature will be taken with a non-touch forehead

                             temperature reader.

                       3)  You will use a hand sanitizer to sanitize your hands.   Before you proceed to the 

                              treatment room you will be given disposable shoe coverings over your shoes.  Please 

                              keep the shoe coverings in place as you remove your shoes in the treatment room, you 

                              will need them to exit the facility.

                       4)  If need be, at any point after Step 3, please feel free to use the restroom. 

                            Wash your hands before exiting the restroom. Soap and hot water are always                                          available.

                       5)  There is a short form for you to complete prior to proceeding to the treatment room.

                       6)  A paperless form of payment is appreciated.  Cash or check, please use Venmo (Ty

                              Layne), Paypal (add me as a friend - or Zelle.

NOTE:  If you are not comfortable, unwilling or unable to comply with the requirements outlined above,

            please DO NOT schedule an appointment.  If you have scheduled an appointment and are NOT

            able to comply, please re-schedule.


Again, I want to thank all of you for your patronage, support and patience during this time.   My goal is to provide you with the best and safest session possible!

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