Coronavirus (Covid-19)


Dear Clients

While my daily sanitary routine has always been very extensive, I have added extra steps as recommended by the Center for Disease Control to ensure your safety and health regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19).


As usual before and after each client I thoroughly wash my hands.  All cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting methods outlined by the CDC are being used where clients frequent.  All linens, towels, cloths, etc. are laundered and sanitized daily.  If water is used as part of your service, it is placed in a bowl with a disposable liner. If your service involves touching your face, I wear Nitrile gloves. As always, alcohol sanitizer, soap and anti-bacterial soap is available in the restroom, the entryway to the treatment room and in the treatment room. With the exception of spraying down the soft surface chairs and wearing gloves when touching the face, all of these procedures were in place prior to COVID-19. 


On a personal level, I am monitoring my temperature every night and every morning and for any symptoms related to COVID-19 as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control  


I am staying informed with regular updates from the Center for Disease Control, Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation,

the Department of Health and Human Services and

the American Massage Therapists Association


I am requesting of you that if you have traveled out of the country or out of the state that you wait at least two (2) weeks before coming to see me. If you have a scheduled appointment and are planning to travel within those two weeks out of the state or the country, please call to reschedule in that this will not meet this two-week period. 


I will continue to monitor all updates and keep you informed of any changes that impact the office or services offered. 


Thank you for your patronage, loyalty and understanding during this time.  

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