Booking your Appointment Online

       Mobile or Desktop

To ensure the quickest and most convenient way to schedule your next appointment, please follow these steps:



Log on to

Booking Online






First Time Client                                  Already a Valued Client

                   Print out, complete and bring with you the                 Check for appropriate INTAKE

INTAKE FORM(S) to your appointment.                      FORM  Craniosacral, IonCleanse, etc.


Press the Green Button – Your Session Prep Info sheet.




     1. Look at right hand corner for the  “Log In” person.

     2. Sign up (as a Member) with an email and password.

    3.  If you choose to press “REMEMBER ME”, then the system will save your logon and password.

    4. Press “LOG IN” to the Member’s Area (can only be viewed by members).

    5. Select the type of session you wish to schedule and press the green button “BOOK”.

    6. This will bring up the appointment calendar.  Select the best date for you and click on it.

    7. Now you can see all available time slots. Click desired time slot and it will bring you to a screen

        asking you for your name, email, phone number  and anything you would like for Tyshaun to 


8.  Once you have joined as a member, this information will automatically be filed for future times.

   9. Payment Options offered:

                                                                Available to pay on-line or

                                                                Available pay in person - in office.

 10.  Feel free to choose to upload it to your Google Calendar.

 11.   Upon completion a confirmation email will be sent to you.

 12.  A reminder email will be sent to you 24 hours in advance of appointment.



NOTE:           If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please do so

                         no later than 24 hours prior to appointment.  Log on into your account and

                         make appropriate changes.


SPECIAL:   Multi Session Savings Plan

                         Due to the nature of the services, Reflexology and IonCleanse Detox Foot Bath

                         are available at a savings by pre-paying for multiple appointments.




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